Today was like any normal wake up. Loud noises. First thing I hear is the douchebags voice. Shit. Take shower, get dressed and such. Watch some Dragonball…. even that gets spoiled by the douchebag. He seriously asks questions like “How is that green guy able to make an egg if he has a hole in his chest” I DON’T KNOW, HES A FUCKING ALIEN NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU GUIDO CUNT.

So I had to leave to get away from the stupidity. I went with my parents to clean out the totaled car at the impound. OH I forgot to mention….. my Mom got in a car accident and now the nice Intrepid Sam and I used forever is dead. Anyways we cleaned it out and such and I had to go to the reservation to pick up some more school money. YES they pay me to go to school because they want those fat retards to actually go to school. Thing is those same fat retards GO to the schools and end up failing, which in turn makes them have to pay the rez back, which they usually can’t so it gets taken out of their free casino money, which alternatively leads them to a life of depression drowned by alcoholism. its a vicious cycle which leads me to believe that I am the single most amazing Pima indian in Arizona. 

I digress. I deposit the check and then its off to school. Get there an hour early while everyone is in class so I can’t even flirt with the fashion class girls. Also since everyone is in class surfing the web the school’s server is SUPER SLOW and I couldn’t get into Tumblr. It was rough, so I decided to draw really creepy pictures on my drawing stool. I hope someone sees them and then thinks the Slenderman and/or The Rake are stalking them. 

So class starts and its a critique day, which is always boring as hell. So that class ends and the black guys decide they wanna go to Gameworks, so I naturally have to tag along. We get there and they go straight upstairs to the Street Fighter games. I suck at those games but I love winning stuffed animals so I go straight to the claw machines. ALL OF THOSE FUCKERS ARE RIGGED. And when I finally got a hook on a big doll, it got stuck on another one and it jammed the machine. I go to get the girl working at the front desk and she looked really fucking good from behind so I was like

I leaned on the front desk and instinctively opened up with “Hey.” like a fucking loser. It didn’t affect me too long because then she turned around…



I wont say much since she MIGHT have been in an accident but when I saw her I ALMOST gasped. So I told her the problem while trying to make it obvious that I didn’t want to see her face. She called some tiny guy with a ponytail to help me. We walked to the machine and it was fine. I looked in the drop slot…..NOTHING. FUCK ME. I gave up on it and went to watch my friends play Street Fighter. I get to them and they’re kicking ass so I watch for a while. Theeen I look at my phone and see that we’re late for class….

We make it to class and the teacher doesn’t mind. Somehow near the end of class the teacher gets in a discussion about donkey punching and “kids in the playground” and other weird-ass sexual fetish acts, and despite it being really funny to talk about, Its kinda weird to talk about it in a room full of men.

Anyways on the way home my Mom tells me that she was watching something on tv that had “ghetto gangsta” music in it. She said the douchebag stood watching it for a while before turning to her and saying, “Can you not watch shit like this when Troy “my nephew, his son” is around? I don’t want him seeing this. Use some common sense.” For one thing, the fucking kid was in his room, and another thing, seeing as how he doesn’t pay a stitch of rent or pay for anything, he has no cunt-fucking RIGHT to tell us what to do. Also, hes telling HER to use some common sense? REAP WHAT YOU MOTHERFUCKING SEW YOU CUM-GUZZLING WASTE OF A FUCKING BAG OF BABY SHIT!!!!! Hes was supposed to be gone by TODAY.GONE TO IRAQ! No, of course not, hes a fucking moron and doesn’t hear shit. He apparently leaves on the tenth. THATS WAY TOO FUCKING LONG FOR US TO WAIT. If he doesn’t leave on that day, I’ll kill him myself. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL HES THERE AND GETS BLOWN UP. Too rough? No, I mean every motherfucking word of it.

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